About Us
I love exercise and want to share my love! My Dad use to drag me out of the house for a run. I would fight and cry but eventually I learned to love the run and all the benefits that being in good shape brought to my life. 

After staying home with my own kids I decided it was time to follow my passion. I studied and became a certified Personal Trainer, I have been working with kids from kindergarten to high school ever since. I love coaching and sharing my ideas on how easily we can intergrate fitness into our life. It is so easy and if done right it is so fun. My goal with each Fit N Fun Kids session is to design a workout that is challenging, fun and will get your kids sweaty! A workout without them even knowing it.

I hope that I will get the chance to work with your kids and show them how easy it is to love fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Here is to our kids and their happy, healthy and injury free future!

Stacy Modugno
Founder, Fit N Fun Kids
"Thank you so much for all of the training you have done with my son, Matthew. Not only is he stronger, faster, and leaner, he is excited to do more!
"We have tried a variety of 'training' programs with him the past few years and only yours has kept his interest and enthusiasm.  Many of the other programs were monotonous and seemed like adults training. Yours is fun, ever changing and challenging!"

- Lynn S.